A guide for professors:
Minimizing the impact of learning obstacles

The 2013–2014 edition of Minimizing the Impact of Learning Obstacles: A Guide for Professors is now available. The guide contains information that can help you ensure opportunities for success for students with disabilities

Minimizing the Impact of Learning Obstacles: A Guide for Professors describes strategies and adaptive measures you can apply to create an inclusive academic environment and help alleviate the different challenges faced by students with disabilities. It also presents the University of Ottawa Policy on Accessibility under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA, 2005) and your rights and responsibilities under the Human Rights Code.

If you have questions or comments about teaching strategies, exam accommodations or other adaptive measures, you can call Access Service at any time.

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We are proud to announce the introduction of a new Student Service Management suite called Ventus, custom built and engineered for Access Service and Counselling Service. This in-house solution, developed by SASS IT team, assists Access Service in creating a link between students, professors and faculty. The suite notifies professors automatically, when a student with accommodations registers to their class. This allows professors to quickly schedule and upload examinations, along with required documentation directly to Access Service.

The short information sheets below (PDF) are designed to give professors an overview of how Ventus can assist in interacting with students with accommodations:

NEW – Professors are strongly encouraged to file all Notice of Examinations (NOEs) for their courses at the beginning of each session. Ventus will accept NOEs as early as one session in advance, and as late as ten calendar days before the date of the exam. The system will automatically refuse requests that fall outside this window.

File a Notice of Examination

Note: The Notification of Examination does not need to be filed for Fall and Winter session final exams that have been scheduled by the Registrar.