Knowing Yourself

The best way to engage in a career path that suits you is to carefully examine and get to know yourself. By doing so, you’ll find it much easier to assess your options, to make informed decisions and to determine what is most satisfying to you.

Considering your Options

Exploring the spectrum of educational and vocational options can be an exciting process. However, discovering the multitude of options can also become overwhelming. Identifying and organizing these possibilities, based on how they appeal to you, will help you narrow your focus and make an informed decision.

Making a Decision

A good decision results from the process of evaluating, comparing and filtering options while keeping in mind your personality, interests, aptitudes and values. The ultimate goal in making a decision is to select options that provide you with both satisfaction and success. Anticipate potential challenges and obstacles along the way and be prepared to adjust accordingly.

Building your Action Plan

Whether you are continuing your education, seeking employment or furthering your personal development, an action plan elaborates on the options that you have decided to pursue. For each of your options specify the goal, the necessary steps, and the potential challenges. To increase your chances of success, also identify an alternative. Reviewing your action plan regularly helps you track your progress and follow through.

Planning your Job Search

The effective use of job search tools and strategies will increase your ability to successfully navigate the job market. Gathering relevant information, developing the necessary documents, networking and preparing yourself for interviews will enable you to take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

Managing your success

Explore and utilize strategies to help you succeed in your transitions and thrive in the professional realm. Lasting satisfaction and success within your career requires a continuous investment.

Explore the following subjects:

Explore the following subjects:

Since career development is not a linear process, this guide is designed to allow you to explore the sections according to your needs.

Explore the following subjects: