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Students sometimes experience setbacks or face roadblocks to their personal or academic success. At Counselling and Coaching Service, we understand that asking for help is sometimes difficult. If you are feeling lost, are facing a problem you don't know how to handle or would just like to talk to someone in a safe place, please contact us. We're here to help.

Our team

Photo: Our Counselling and Coaching team

Hours of operation

June 1 to August 31

Monday  08:45am—03:30pm
Tuesday  08:45am—03:30pm
Wednesday  08:45am—03:30pm
Thursday  08:45am—03:30pm
Friday  08:45am—03:30pm
Saturday  Closed
Sunday   Closed

Reception area closes at 4:30PM; evening appointments scheduled will be respected.
Please wait at the reception area to meet with your counsellor.

Where can you find us?

We are at 100 Marie-Curie Private, 4th floor, right above the Campus Pharmacy (Health Services building).

We also have a satellite office in 90 University to serve students in residence.